Taking over a new year 10 GCSE computer science class? Wanting to find out your current classes Python programming skills? This resource contains a list of practical Python programming challenges which test key aspects of the KS3 national curriculum for text-based programming language.


Pupils are tested on:

  • Mathematical operators
  • Data types
  • Dealing with strings
  • Loops
  • If statements
  • Logical operators
  • Random numbers
  • Data structures (lists) and
  • Sub programs


The pupils are given a worksheet which contains 11 Python programming challenges. They need to work through them attempting the programs and sections they can. If they don’t know how to do something then ask them to move on and try to complete as much of the challenges as they can. This allows you to find out the gaps in their current knowledge.


The results are then entered into a an Excel spreadsheet using a simple system of 0 (not met the criteria) or 1 (met the criteria) that is then converted into a list showing you the pupils current understanding displayed as “Secure” or “Developing”. You can then use this to help you plan future lessons to fill the gaps in their skills.

This practical assessment can be used at the end of Key Stage 3 to help you and pupils when selecting their options or it can be used at the start of their GCSE to assess which areas need to be recapped.

This resource also includes the completed Python programs for all the challenges allowing you to see a possible answer for each challenge making this easier for non-specialists and NQTs who want to have a little more assistance as they build their confidence in Python programming.

Python Practical Programming Assessment

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