This Python lesson is perfect for GCSE computer science classes learning how to write to an external text file and read from an external text file, displaying the results in the Python shell.  

It does assume they are familiar with the KS3 national curriculum requirements and have previously been taught how to use sub programs and for loops.

It includes an attractive dyslexia friendly PowerPoint presentation that includes three videos to teach the key skills and includes lots of programming practice and the teachers lesson plan even includes complete answers to all the programming challenges.

Duration: 1 lesson.

This lesson helps pupils understand the following key skills:

  • Writing to a new text file
  • Appending data to an existing text file
  • Reading data from a text file
  • The importance of closing a file
  • Concatenating line breaks
  • Casting from integer to strings


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Python Text Files (GCSE Computer Science Python)

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