Empower pupils to debug their own programs

Join me for this FREE 5-day challenge which will help you reduce the time you spend helping students and increase your pupils’ confidence to debug their own programs independently.

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What do teachers say, who have been on 5-day challenges run by Nicky?

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What is involved?

This 5-day challenge easily fits around your hectic workload and includes loads of support to help you become more confident in empowering your pupils to debug their own programs.


Daily video and links

Every morning, Nicky will release a video giving you information and a task to complete that day.  You will need to download the notes and complete the daily task to get the maximum benefit from this free 5-day challenge. The daily challenges should take no more than 20 minutes to complete so are manageable even for the busiest teachers.

Supportive, exclusive Facebook group

You will be part of a supportive Facebook group and we encourage you to upload your progress and get inspiration and support from the other teachers on the challenge.

Live Facebook broadcasts to answer your questions every day

Every evening at 7pm Nicky will run a live Facebook session where she will answer your questions from the day.

What will be covered?

Each day we look at another new skill you can easily incorporate in your classroom and explain how it helps your pupils become better at debugging their own programs rather than relying on you all the time.

  • How can Three Before Me be used effectively in my classroom?

  • Helping your pupils understand what the Error Messages are telling them

  • Falling in love with Flow Diagrams as a teaching aid and a debugging tool

  • Creating Trace Tables to help pupils identify what the program should be doing

  • What is Rubber Duck Debugging?

Sorry, the link to join has been removed as this challenge is now closed.

A little about Nichola Lacey

Nicky has been creating resources to help teachers since 2012 when she founded Nichola Wilkin Ltd.  She was a Head of Department for Computer Science in Bedford, but left teaching after breaking her back.  Since then, her teaching resources have helped teachers from all over the world and she is one of the most popular authors on TES with well over 1 million downloads.

She has also written a very popular book called “Python by Example: Learning to Program in 150 Challenges” which has changed the way many teachers are now teaching Python programming.

Nicky has run many training courses for teachers all over the UK to help them feel more confident in teaching Python. These have become incredibly popular as she helps teachers find easy to implement, practical techniques that really work in the classroom and has recently launched her online video masterclass.

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Sorry, the link to join has been removed as this challenge is now closed.


What is stopping you?

“Isn’t debugging a program really boring?”

“How can I expect pupils to debug their own programs when they are still learning the basics themselves?”

“I don’t have time to help them debug their program, it is quicker and easier to tell them the answer so we can move on”

Does this sound familiar?

Teachers from all over the country tell me time and time again that they don't have time to help pupils debug their own programs or they don't know how to teach debugging to their pupils.

Programming is a unique skill; it is often not like anything teachers would have taught before and many teachers are coming from other subjects without any real training in how to teach it.  Programming is not a purely theoretical subject, it is a skill, but also it doesn’t feel like a practical subject like PE or food technology.

Programming can be incredibly creative and enjoyable.  Pupils use their problem solving abilities, teamwork and communication skills but in order to do this they need to be taught how to debug their own programs and become more independent.

I see too many teachers running from one “emergency” to the next, helping pupils whilst other students twiddle their thumbs getting bored.  This does not lead to an exciting classroom and makes it stressful for the teacher and uninspiring for the pupils.

Behind every great programmer there is a great debugger.  Programs don’t just happen and magically work, they take trial and error, perseverance and sometimes a bit of luck.

Debugging is particularly challenging for younger students who are driven by the end product, such as a game. They often do not perceive the intermediate debugging stage as a learning opportunity; they just want to fix the bug and move on!

However, the danger of rushing over to them whenever they raise their hand and pointing out the error for them is that they never learn why it was not working so when it inevitably happens again they have no idea of how to fix it.  You need to help these pupils find a way through so they get a solution but feel they have fixed it themselves.

Sign up for the 5-day “Empower pupils to debug their own Python programs” challenge to find out how you can do this.

You will also get exclusive access to a supportive Facebook group where teachers can share ideas and Nicky will go live every evening to answer your questions.

It is free and all it takes is a little bit of effort every day.  You only need to watch a video, print out some notes and complete a short challenge and it will revolutionise the way you teach debugging to your pupils.

It is free so what have you got to lose?

Sign up today and make your life so much easier.

Sorry, the link to join has been removed as this challenge is now closed.