Ethical, environmental and legal issues with ICT and computing

High-quality, ready to use resources which cover this truly fascinating and thought provoking topic of “ethical, environmental and legal issues with technology”.

Traditionally, this area was thought of as dry, difficult to teach and dull by many teachers but with this set of resources, that is now a thing of the past. These lessons provoke interesting group discussions where your classes will really engage with the subject matter and look at the issues from different perspectives. The fun activities reinforce the learning and homework tasks allow students to consolidate what they have learnt in the lesson and take their thoughts further into this ever-evolving area.

Ethical, environmental and legal issues with ICT and computing preview

This set of resource includes:

  • 6 attractive PowerPoint presentations which lead the class through each of the lessons

  • Fun and thought provoking activities and discussion starters, worksheets and questions to reinforce the learning

  • 6 differentiated homework tasks

  • A mark sheet which allows pupils to track their own progress

  • An end of unit test to prepare the students for exams or can be used as a form of assessment

  • A complete teacher’s guide including easy to follow lesson plans

  • An answer booklet to help the teacher along

The lessons are:

Lesson 1 – Looking into ethical and moral dilemmas such as driverless cars and the impact of technology on modern life

Lesson 2 – More ethical dilemmas including the ratings culture, medical apps, sharing personal data and cyber bullying

Lesson 3 – Environmental issues with technology and how organisations and individuals can reduce these effects

Lesson 4 – The Computer Misuse Act 1990

Lesson 5 – The Data Protection Act 1998

Lesson 6 – Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988

Find out more by clicking here and download the FREE teacher's guide

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