Embarrassing Secret Alert!

It was exhausting!

When I first started teaching programming, I tried to solve all of my pupils’ programming errors to avoid them feeling like they had failed at the task.

It took me ages to figure out my students will not make any progress unless they learn to debug their programs themselves but many of them seemed reluctant or unable to give it a go.

Teachers often say to me:

  • “Isn’t debugging a program really boring?”

  • “How can I expect pupils to debug their own programs when they are still learning the basics themselves?”

  • “I don’t have time to help them debug their program, it is quicker and easier to tell them the answer so we can move on”

It is all very well saying “Get your pupils to debug their own programs” but how on earth do you do that?

In this FREE 5-day challenge I will share with you 5 easy to implement strategies you can use straight away in your classroom to help students of all abilities debug their programs.

Thank you to everyone who answered my request about possible dates, the vast majority asked for mid-June so I am running the 5-day challenge from Monday 15th June to Friday 18th June.

You will need to register before Friday 12th June in order to take part in this free challenge.

Sign up via the link below to reserve your place and learn how to empower your pupils to debug their own programs.



Click Here To Take The Quiz

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