Coronavirus Update


In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, we felt it was sensible to cancel all our Teach Python with Confidence courses.  We will reschedule them once the situation changes and it is safe to do so.


I am sorry that we have had to do this but I am sure you understand the reasons.

Want to teach Python but not sure where to start?

Do you feel there are some gaps in your Python knowledge?

Do you need some ideas on how to refresh your lessons?

Come To Our Training Courses And You Too Can Teach Python With Confidence

What Will I Get Out Of The Training?

Our training is split into two days.


Part 1

This covers the basics of Python and although does assume no prior programming experience, teachers who have been teaching Python programming for 2 or 3 years have found this session extremely useful in clarifying some areas.


You will become confident in:

  • the three programming constructs which form the basics of all programming: sequence, selection and iteration and ensures you fully understand them and know how to teach them effectively to your pupils.

  • five teaching techniques you can use to spice up your lessons to make them more enjoyable as well as encourage deeper thinking from your pupils.

  • understanding common mistakes pupils make and how to solve them.

Part 2

Teaches you more advanced programming techniques necessary to fully cover the KS3 computing national curriculum requirements and the three major exam board specifications.

You will learn about:

  • common mistakes teachers make when teaching programming and how to avoid them.

  • how to use data structures (simple lists and 2D lists).

  • how to use subprograms.

  • linking to external text files.

  • using SQL to fetch specific data from an external database.

To attend part 2, you need to be familiar and confident in the content of part 1 and although some of it is briefly recapped, it does not linger too long on the aspects covered in part 1 and stretches your knowledge further.

Please note:  All attendees must bring a laptop (and charger) which has the relevant software installed.  The software can be downloaded for free from these websites.

For Part 1 you need Python IDLE

For Part 2 you need Python IDLE, SQLite and SQL Browser

What Makes This Training Better Than Others?

  • You will be given a comprehensive set of notes that includes loads of exercises you can use straight away in your classroom.

  • You will receive electronic copies of possible solutions of ALL the programming challenges.

  • You will be trained by Nichola Lacey, the author of “Python by Example: Learning to Teach in 150 Challenges” who has a wealth of experience in running top-quality training courses and knows how to teach Python programming effectivly and can pass this onto you.

  • If you attend both part 1 and part 2 you also get a 12-week scheme of work which completely covers the computing national curriculum requirements for a text based programming language for KS3.


All This For Just £99* Per Day

and we even provide you with a light lunch.

* The special reduced price of £99 is only avaliable on courses booked at least three weeks in advance of the training day otherwise the cost is £149 for the day.

I understand if you’re still undecided. One of the questions teachers ask is "Is this really for me?"

Yes!  This course is for any teacher who wants to gain confidence in how to teach programming, whether that entails improving your programming knowledge or simply knowing how to teach it effectively to your classes.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what teachers have been saying about my “Teach Python Programming With Confidence” training courses:



A full days training with a recognised expert in teaching Python programming, extensive course notes including loads of activities you can use in your classroom and electronic solutions to all the challenges for only £99

What are you waiting for? Book your space on our training today before it is too late.

I know I can help you become more confident in teaching Python no matter if you are completely new to Python or if you have been teaching it for a couple of years.  I have already helped hundreds of teachers become more confident so book now to secure your space for only £99 when you book your space early.


Book your space using the images below:

Liverpool Pt1 Cancelled
Liverpool Pt2 Cancelled
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The £99 offer is only available when you book your space at least 3 weeks in advanced of the training day otherwise the cost of a day’s training is the standard price of £149.

Please note:  All attendees must bring a laptop (and charger) which has the relevant software installed.  The software can be downloaded for free from these websites.

For Part 1 you need Python IDLE

For Part 2 you need Python IDLE, SQLite and SQL Browser

As more locations and dates are booked we will add them to this page so please keep an eye out for future training courses near you or join our mailing list to be kept up to date with future events.

In school training

If you would like to book Nichola to come to your school to deliver this training, the details are outlined below. We can accommodate up to 20 delegates so the cost can be shared between a number of schools making this an affordable option if you have a number of teachers that would like to attend these very popular sessions.

Two full days

Two full days of training (either in a school holiday or during term time) which would run concurrently and includes part 1 and part 2.  The cost for 2 full days is a flat fee of £1300.

One day (either part 1 or part 2 training)

The cost for a single day training is a flat fee of £900 and we can adapt the training to suit your specific needs.  If you are booking just the part 2 training all delegates must be confident and familiar with using if statements, for loops and while loops in Python.

The timetable for each day would be as follows:

08:30 Meet and greet

09:00 Prompt start

10:15 Morning coffee break (15 mins)

13:00 Lunch (30 mins)

15:00 Afternoon coffee break (15 mins)

17:00 Finish


The training would take place in your school using one of your dedicated computer rooms which has the correct software installed and it is up to the school to provide tea/coffee and a light lunch for all attendees. 


All attendees with receive a complimentary set of comprehensive notes they can use after the course which contains exercises they can use with their classes and lots of working Python programs to keep.


Please contact  or call 01954 205263 to check availability and book your training session. 

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 +44 (0)1954 205263

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