How to teach Python programming with a confidence you never knew you had and enable your classes to make real progress

Discover how you can genuinely enjoy teaching Python programming

A proven way of scaffolding together topics that helps your pupils progress quickly and really understand the key skills

Over 100 ready-to-use programming challenges you can use in your classroom

I can help you feel more confident in teaching Python programming

Your year 10 class arrives but you are already exhausted after staying up far too late planning what you hope will be a lesson they can engage with. The usual suspect is dancing between classmates attempting to delay the start of the lesson and another is asking you if it is too late to change their options as computer science "isn’t what they thought it would be".


You pass around your carefully collated worksheets and inwardly cringe at the collective groan from thoughtless teenagers who have no idea how deeply their apathy hurts you.

Even after weeks of slogging away at Python most of them won’t even attempt a simple if statement before telling you they can’t do it. Your handout remains unread.


You have a sneaky suspicion the explanation of “It just does” you snapped at them to explain why for x in range(0,5): only returns 0 to 4 and not 0 to 5 may have been the point that you lost them and you dread to think how you will explain 2D arrays when you don’t fully understand them yourself.

You can’t even begin to imagine how they will tackle the programming project that is alarmingly soon...

But it doesn’t have to be that way

I have taught many teachers around the UK and many of them thought they knew how to teach the basics. I hear the same story EVERY SINGLE TIME.

At first teachers tell me “I thought I would do this for a refresher, there are only a couple of bits I need help with”. Soon they are saying “It is making so much more sense to me now” and finally I hear “I tried that paired programming you showed me and it really works and can’t wait to use 'sabotage' with them next”. I also grin inanely as many add “I’m trying to persuade my head of department to do the training as it will help them too”.

Teaching programming should be enjoyable. 


It allows pupils to be creative as they solve problems and challenge themselves and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate together when your pupils get a program working. I have seen too many teachers who see programming as a struggle, rather than a skill to be embraced and conquered.

If you would like to rediscover the joy in teaching programming, join my “Teach Python Programming With Confidence” video masterclass for only £150 and revolutionise your programming teaching.

Real teachers who have benefitted from this training…

How does my online training work?

You can work through the training at your own pace to fit around your busy schedule. Watch the videos, read the course notes and work through the programming challenges. You also have access to an exclusive Facebook group with other teachers who are working through the course where you can chat about your progress and get help on any of the challenges you are stuck on. I will be regularly visiting the group to offer help and advice and answer your questions.   


This course teaches you more than I used to cover on my 2-days of face-to-face training and costs only £150 which will give you life-time access to the video training course and all the content.

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