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5 techniques to help you learn to code

Ever wanted to learn how to write computer programs? With these 5 tips you can learn how to write code using any programming language.


1) Have a go! – You can not possibly hope to learn without trying it for yourself, many programs are free to download. To download a free copy of Python, go to their website

2) Set realistic problems – If you try to make something overly complicated that you are not ready for it will be confusing and may turn you away from coding in the future. Use small challenges that build in complexity in small steps. Start off with the basics such as input and output, If statements and loops before you build up into using lists and subroutines and finally writing to external files and creating a graphical user interface. I have plenty of Python lessons which include tons of challenges and videos to teach key skills.

3) Break it down – Break a large problem into smaller chunks and make sure each section works correctly before moving onto the next. Use comments to block out sections of code that you are not currently working on to help you test only the specifics you want to focus on. See these ready to use Python challenges which focus on key skills that even include the answers..

4) Look at somebody else’s program – Looking at another programmers’ code is a great way to learn but be ware there may be several ways of solving a problem.

5) Ask for help – Go on chatrooms and look to see if it has already been answered. If it has not been asked before then post your problem and any code you have already created as programmers love to get their teeth stuck into a new problem and tell you where your code may be going wrong.



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