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Unlock your pupils’ debugging superpower the easy way today

Discover 5 practical techniques you can use in your classroom to empower your pupils to debug their own programs and give your lessons real impact with this video training course.

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Are your pupils constantly asking for help with things you feel they should know?

Do some pupils still struggle with the basics you have covered a million times?

Are pupils failing to make real progress in their programming?

It doesn't have to be that way, I can show you how...

Empower Your Pupils To Debug Their Own Programs

It is exasperating. You want to teach lessons where pupils can move forwards. But, you’re still wasting all your time, running around the classroom telling 15 different pupils where they missed off a speech mark.

I’m stuck

It’s not working

What are we doing?

What do I do once I’m done.”

It used to work but now it’s stopped

My computer’s broken

How do I start the program?

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong

I’ve got an error message

I’ve done it but my answer is different to yours


AAAARGGGGHHHHH! Sound familiar? But you are not alone and it doesn’t have to be that way. Your classroom can be very different.

When your students can debug their own programs, there is less downtime and energy levels are maintained making classroom discipline so much easier. Pupils enjoy your lessons and they feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment when they can solve their own errors and take ownership of their programs. Your classroom becomes a creative hub, where you can celebrate each others’ victories and you have time to focus on the pupils who really need help.

The video training course costs only £43 and will make an enormous impact on your teaching and your pupils’ programming confidence. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your classroom and regain some of your sanity.

Real teachers who have benefited from this training…

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How does it work?

The “Empower Your Pupils To Debug Their Own Programmes” video training course takes less than 3 hours to complete and in that time you will uncover 5 practical techniques you can use in your classroom that will have a BIG impact on your lessons.

  1. You will learn how to use the three before me technique effectively. Show your students where they can get help and make sure you have the tools in place to make it really work in your classroom.

  2. You will see that error messages are helpful and not something to be afraid of.

  3. You’ll look at how flow diagrams can play a vital role in visualising the problem. We also look at the big mistakes that many teachers are making when using flow diagrams and how to avoid doing the same.

  4. I’ll show you an easy way to teach trace tables and how useful they can be when looking for errors and finally…

  5. You’ll discover rubber duck debugging and how you can use this fun and powerful technique as a staple of your classroom rather than a silly gimmick.


Don’t waste any more time hoping your students will magically learn to debug their programs themselves. Learn the techniques so you can help them now!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


My number 1 priority at Nichola Wilkin Ltd is your happiness and I stand by my training courses 100%. If you are not happy with the course and have not viewed more than 40% of the content you can claim a full refund with no ifs and no buts.

Simply reach out to me at within 7-days of purchase and I’ll be happy to help you.

This is my personal guarantee to you.

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