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Year 11 Revision - FUN lesson your pupils will love

This fun final lesson with your year 11 pupils before their computing theory exam, uses a version of an “Escape Room” game in which the pupils need to work in teams to complete a number of mental and physical challenges, all of which help them with last minute revision of key topics. This lesson requires minimal setting up before the class arrives and is sure to make a memorable, useful and fun final lesson that you and your students can all enjoy. Read the teacher’s guide to find out how to set up the room (this should take no longer than 5 minutes) and then run a quick presentation once the class arrive. Give each team a single sheet handout to get started and after that, the pupils are

A fun computing lesson to end the year

NEW QUIZ FOR THE END OF SUMMER TERM 2017! A fun whole class quiz, ideally suited to keep pupils engaged and settled for the final lesson of the summer term. Suitable for year 7 to year 11. The quiz includes computing elements as well as other fun summer related questions getting them into the summer holiday spirit. Guaranteed to make the final lesson fun before they break up for summer. Print out the answer sheets (enough for 1 per team) and then run through the quiz on the whiteboard. After each section the answers are provided allowing the quiz to easily be cut shorter if you wish. Download the quiz from our "Free Stuff" page.

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