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Dealing with Social Media when you work in a school

Are you a Subject Leader and think the staff in your school could do with some guidance on how to use their social media accounts responsibly? Do you need to give a talk to the school for an upcoming INSET day? Are you just curious to find out the best practice? We have produced a PowerPoint presentation which is ideal for an INSET staff training session and an accompanying handout telling staff how to make sure their privacy settings are adequate and how to block people from following you on Twitter. The PowerPoint presentation explores the rules for staff using their own personal social media accounts, it looks at how students are currently using social media and and gives guidelines fo

Computer Science teacher interview questions

Do you have an interview coming up and want to get an idea of the type of questions you may be asked? Are you a subject leader and want to have a list of suitable subject-specific questions you could ask in an interview? Here we have compiled a list of 45 questions covering technical questions as well as subject-relevant pedagogy questions which are useful for both the potential employer and interviewees wishing to prepare. Technical questions to ask a computing teacher in an interview 1) How would you go about explaining the difference between a for and while loop to a low ability year 9 group? 2) What is the difference between a “nested if” and an “if…else if” statement? 3) Describe a

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