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6 techniques to teach programming that you can use in your classroom

Programming is a learned skill that can be improved with practice. Sure there are some who find it easier than others but that is the same with any subject or skill. You only need to look at the sporting world and recognise the likes of Ronaldo or Messi to see that some people will excel in a skill that others find harder to get to grips with. That does not mean that all the children who don’t have a natural talent should never be given a football to kick against a neighbour’s wall, they just need a little help in finding their feet – excuse the pun! Programming is no different, you will have pupils who are happy, and indeed relish the opportunity, to work through a page of programming pr

How do you clean your computer?

Are you all as excited as me? That special day of the year is fast approaching, how are you going to celebrate?  What?  You don’t know what I am talking about.  Well in case you missed the bunting flying and the flag waving from cheery crowds of computer science technicians, the 11th of February 2019 is … Clean Out Your Computer Day!  No, to be honest I hadn’t heard of it either, until a few days ago. It is not on most people’s calendars but it is something I will be celebrating this year.  We are fast approaching the half way point in our academic year and time to take stock and have a bit of a clean. February half term is an ideal time to have a go at the jobs you have been putting off and

How do you clean your computer?

Ever wondered how you should clean your computer, well rest assured, here are the four things I will be doing to “celebrate” National Clean

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