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You will shortly be receiving an email which contains a link to join the Facebook group.  If you do not receive the email please check your junk mail folder as it may have been sent there.  You need to use that link to request to join our exclusive Facebook group where you will be able to take part in the 5-day challenge.

​Please note:  We will not accept your request to join the Facebook group until after the closing date which is midnight on Friday 12th June 2020, but it is important you request to join before that date as you will not be able to join after the challenge has started.

On the morning of Saturday 13th June we will accept all those who have requested to join the Facebook group.  Make sure you click on the link in the email you have been sent to request to join that group.  On Saturday, I will broadcast a live video via Facebook to welcome everybody to the group.  Please take this time to introduce yourself to the other teachers taking part in the challenge.

On Sunday 14th June I will broadcast another live video to the Facebook group to tell you a little more information about how the challenge will work.

On Monday 15th June we will officially launch the challenge.  At 6am (UK time)  every morning of the challenge I will post a video giving you information and telling you about what you need to do and you will also will need to download a document that explains the theory and includes details of the task.  These early morning broadcasts will contain subtitles (closed captions) for those who need them or those who prefer to watch without audio.

In the evening I will broadcast a live video where I will answer all your questions from that day’s task.  Unfortunately, these will not be able to contain subtitles as they will be broadcast live.  If you can’t watch the evening broadcast live, you will be able to catch-up and watch the post later.

The challenge task each day should only take you 20 minutes or less to complete and it is important that you do them every day and interact with the group to support each other, share your progress/ideas, engage with other teachers and possibly even make new friends.

Don't forget to request to join the Facebook group by clicking on the link in the email you have been sent.

Remember: We will only officially accept people into the group after registration closes at midnight Friday 12th June 2020

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