Teaching Python Using Programming Challenges

Looking for some easy to incorporate programming challenges that include example code, tasks to complete and practical challenges for teaching Python programming?  You can buy my ready-to-use coding challenges as outlined below, for only £3 each, which gives your classes help on specific aspects of Python programming.


Suitable for computer science GCSE and the computing national curriculum.

"Brilliant, easy to use and helps my students get to grips with Python. Thank you!"


Teacher of Computing, ICT and Business Studies

"Fantastic resource, very helpful. The pacing is great, as are the explanations and examples."


Teacher of Computing

"Excellent value, loads of activities and challenges to improve GCSE level students programming skills. All very clearly presented and easy to use. Thank you!"


Head of Computing in a secondary school

Python Challenges


Exciting news, my book Python by Example: Learning to Program in 150  Challenges is out now!

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