Coronavirus Help

A personal note from Nichola

I am happy to help out teachers during this difficult time but I am making a personal plea.  I create resources full time, this is my only form of income and I am scared about what is going to happen during the school shut down.  I am not lucky enough to have another job which is going to continue to pay me whilst this crisis is happening and there seems no help for self-employed workers at this time and yet I still have to pay my mortgage, bills etc. 

Please take these free resources and use them to help your pupils who are working from home, I am happy to help.  And I ask, if you could spend a few minutes of your time looking through my other resources I would be very grateful and if you could see your way of purchasing any of these resources in readiness for September, that would be great.  Please purchase them sooner rather than later as this website may not be here in September if I am forced to close my business that I have worked so hard in building over the past 8 years.

I am sorry to have to ask for your help, but this is an uncertain time for us all and I would not ask unless I needed to.


Free Resources For Pupils Working From Home

GCSE Computer Science


These handouts can be used for year 9 and 10.  They have been designed so they can be emailed out to students to either fill in electronically,  print at home or can be printed at school and posted to pupils who do not have the facilities to print at home or fill them in electronically. They include links to videos and activities to complete including answering questions, and revision tasks and some practise exam questions.

These workbooks have been updated to allow pupils to fill them in electronically so they can be submitted via a VLE or emailed to you for feedback. 

Python Activities for KS3 and GCSE Computer Science


I am giving away 1/3 of the challenges from my book “Python by Example: Learning to program in 150 challenges” which is available to purchase from Amazon. I have split the book into separate sections and include each as a PDF which can be emailed home and include the answers in a separate document.

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