Looking for a complete solution to help you get to grips with the AQA Computer Science GCSE (9-10)? Need to feel more confident with the subject matter? Not sure how to approach some areas of the curriculum? Want a ready-to-use resource that is ideal for use in the classroom, for homework tasks and self-study? 


“Nichola thank you. They have saved me a lot of time" Matt - Computing Teacher


We have created 7 detailed PDF student workbooks that EXACTLY match the AQA GCE (9-1) Computer Science (8520) specification. Each includes theory, tasks to recap the knowledge and put new skills into practice. they even include the answers!


Seperatly these would cost £150 but if you buy them as part of this bundle it only costs £100 saving you a massive £50.


“Love these packs - saved me so much work” Laura - Head of Computing


Perfect for non-specialist teachers, NQTs or teachers who feel a little unsure about the qualification content and want some ready-to-use tasks to use in class.


“Love your revision books. Your resources are such a life saver!” Katie - Non-specialist computing teacher


Provided as seven separate PDF documents:
• Fundamentals of algorithms
• Programming
• Fundamentals of data representation
• Computer systems
• Fundamentals of computer networks
• Fundamentals of cyber security
• Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy


“Brilliant. These have been fab and my students love them.” ​Debbie - Computing Teacher

These are ideal to use in the classroom, as homework tasks or for independent study as revision for the examinations.


ALL AQA GCSE Computer Science Workbooks Bundle

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