How To Turbocharge Your Students Computer Science Revision With Stunning Knowledge Organisers


Are you bored of seeing uninspiring knowledge organisers that do little to grab your attention let along keep your students engaged?


Now there’s a better way to give your students bite-sized, easy to digest knowledge about the computer science curriculum in a format that will help them retain key facts.


What is included?

These short documents contain interesting snippets your students need to learn in an attractive handout. Each knowledge organiser focuses on one area of the curriculum allowing you to drip-feed the sections they need when they need them without your students feeling overwhelmed.


This bundle includes all of the following knoeldge organisers:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Memory and Storage
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Network Topologies Protocols and Layers
  • System Security
  • Systems Software
  • Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Concerns
  • Algorithms
  • Programming Techniques
  • Producing Robust Programs
  • Computational Logic
  • Translators and Facilities of Programming Languages
  • Data Representation


How can they be used?

Taking up just one or two pages per topic each knowledge organiser also comes with a handy exam preparation worksheet that includes revision tricks and hacks as well as a practice exam question and sample answer allowing them to mark their answer themselves so they can see where they may have missed marks.


Students love the simplicity and narrow focus of each sheet allowing them to fully digest it and get to grips with the key knowledge before moving onto the next.


Sent as PDF files, you have the flexibility to print each computer science knowledge organiser for your pupils are send them electronically. They also make great additions to stick in workbooks or use them as a homework task.


As you have the PDF file you can reuse them time and time again with no further costs or ongoing subscription fees.


Can I download a free sample?

Yes, you can download these two free knowledge organisers using the following links:

Wired & Wireless Networks

Producing Robust Programs


I want to buy a single knowledge organiser; how can I do that?

If you would like to purchase them individually or even just find out a little bit more about each individual knowledge organiser you can do so from my TES store using the following links:

Systems Architecture

Memory & Storage

Wired & Wireless Networks - FREE

Network Topologies, Protocols & Layers

System Security

System Software

Ethical, Legal, cultural & Environmental Concerns


Programming Techniques

Producing Robust Programs - FREE

Computational Logic

Translators & Facilities of Languages

Data Representation

Computer Science Revision Knowledge Organisers

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