This workbook completely covers the AQA GCSE Computer Science (8520) specification section 3.4 “Computer Systems”.


Includes a 52 page PDF document including theory, tasks and includes all the answers.


Ideal as a GCSE revision aid or as a teaching resource and includes lots of help with understanding Boolean logic (AND, OR and NOT), truth tables, logic circuits, system software, application software, operating systems, Von Neumann architecture, the CPU, the fetch-execute cycle, main memory, secondary storage, cloud storage and embedded systems.


This book has been written to give you practical hands-on approach to help you learn the theory. Instead of chapters of technical jargon and mind-numbing tedium the theory is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks with practical tasks for you to perform as you go along. This helps you ensure you understand the theory and remember it as you apply it to practical problems.


This book was specifically written to assist students preparing for their AQA GCSE Computer Science examination (8520) and match the syllabus, as of February 2018.


Includes a single 52 page PDF document which can be given to the pupils to work through for homework tasks or in class.


Table of contents:

  • Hardware and software  
  • Boolean Logic
  • The AND logic gate
  • The OR logic gate
  • The NOT logic gate
  • Logic circuits
  • Creating logic circuits
  • Software classification
  • System software
  • Operating system
  • Utility programs
  • Application software
  • System architecture
  • Von Neumann architecture
  • The CPU
  • Memory Unit 
  • The Fetch-Execute cycle
  • Clock speed
  • Busses
  • The performance of the CPU
  • Memory
  • Main Memory
  • Read Only Memory (ROM)
  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Cache memory
  • Secondary storage
  • Virtual memory
  • Magnetic secondary storage
  • Optical secondary storage
  • Solid state secondary storage
  • Cloud storage
  • Local storage compared to cloud storage
  • Embedded systems

AQA Computer Systems Workbook

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