This is the ONLY comprehensive and accurate workbook that covers ALL of the “Fundamentals of Algorithms” syllabus. Includes 82 pages covering the theory and giving lots of practical activities and even includes the answers.

This book has been written to give you practical hands-on approach to help you learn how to write algorithms. Instead of chapters of technical jargon and mind-numbing tedium the theory is broken down into smaller, manageable chunks with practical tasks for you to perform as you go along. This helps you ensure you understand the theory and remember it as you apply it to practical problems. 

This book was specifically written to assist students preparing for their AQA GCSE Computer Science examination (8520), and the pseudocode and objectives have been written specifically to match the syllabus, as of February 2018. However, the theory and methods would be beneficial to anybody who wants to know how to create good algorithms. 

Includes a single 82-page PDF document which can be given to the pupils to work through for homework tasks or in class.

Table of contents:


What are algorithms?

  • Computer programs and algorithms
  • Decomposition
  • Abstraction

Basic Pseudocode
Recap programming basics

  • What is an expression?
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Relational Operators
  • Boolean Operators
  • Input and Output
  • Iteration
  • Selection
  • Nesting statements 


  • Flowchart symbols
  • Drawing loops in flowcharts
  • Understanding flowcharts

Trace Tables

  • More complex trace tables

Dealing with Arrays

  • Writing subroutines in pseudocode
  • Showing subroutines in flowcharts

Dealing with strings

  • ASCII and Unicode

Searching Algorithms

  • Linear search
  • Binary Search
  • Compare the two search algorithms

Sorting Algorithms

  • Bubble Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Compare the two sort algorithms

AQA Fundamentals of Algorithms Workbook

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