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Looking for a comprehensive and engaging way to teach your Key Stage 3 students about how computers work? Look no further than our "How Computers Work" unit!


This 6-lesson scheme of work covers everything your students need to know about:

  • classifying devices in terms of input and output
  • identifying the input, process, and output of common actions
  • explaining how ROM and RAM are used in a computer
  • describing how the key internal parts of a computer work
  • summarizing the needs of different users and making hardware recommendations to meet those needs.


What is included?

With ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations, teacher's notes (including answers) and all necessary worksheets, files and homework tasks, this unit will save you hours of planning time and allow you to deliver engaging and informative lessons with ease.


Perfect for an early career teacher (ECT), non-specialist teachers and experienced computing teachers looking to add some zesty brilliance to their lessons, our "How Computers Work" unit is a must-have resource for any teacher looking to take control of their workload and deliver exceptional lessons.


So why wait? Invest in your students' education and order our "How Computers Work" unit today.

With our comprehensive resources and engaging content, you'll be able to provide your students with a deeper understanding of how computers work and set them up for success in the digital age.

How Computers Work

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