Great for AQA (9-1) GCSE Computer Science Paper 1 revision and help with the programming project.


This workbook covers the AQA GCSE Computer Science (8520) specification section 3.2 “Programming”. It includes a 116-page PDF document including theory, tasks and includes all the answers.  Whenever possible pseudocode is shown alongside the Python code to allow students to compare the similarities and differences between them. 


Ideal as a teaching resource and covers programming in Python from the basics to more advanced techniques including writing to text files, 2D arrays and using subroutines.  It also gives help on planning robust programs and testing programs along with the difference between an interpreter, a compiler and an assembler.


Table of contents:

Data types

Variables and constants



Subroutines (procedures and functions

Global and local variables


One-dimensional arrays

Two-dimensional arrays

Input and Output

Reading from and writing to a text file

String handling operations

Random number generation

Structuring programming

Robust and secure programming

Data Validation

Creating a simple authentication routine

Testing your programs

Low-level and high-level languages


AQA Programming with pseudocode and Python Workbook

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