This Python lesson is perfect to help GCSE classes get back into Python programming after they have had a break from it. It does assume they are familiar with the KS3 national curriculum requirements and have previously been taught about data structures including lists and 2D lists and sub programs. This lesson recaps these key areas, giving pupils a chance to practice previously learnt skills but this lesson is not suitable for teaching these elements to your class for the first time. It asks the pupils to create a large program and gives them the information they need to do this. It also asks them to consider what is good programming practice and gives them the opportunity chance to use these skills while getting to grips with a chunky programming problem.


It includes an attractive dyslexia friendly PowerPoint presentation that includes differentiated lesson objectives, lots of questions and a handout which the pupils use to create a large programming project. It also includes a comprehensive teacher’s lesson plan including a complete answer to the project.

Duration: 1 lesson although you can easily extend this into a longer project by asking the pupils to write up how they tackled the problem, problems they had to overcome, where they looked for help and creating a test table.


This lesson helps pupils understand the following key skills:

  • Using sensible variable names
  • Adding comments to programs to explain the coding
  • Leaving blank lines in programs to make them easier to read
  • Considering the end user and making the system user friendly
  • Including sensible input messages and error messages
  • The importance of testing a program

GCSE Recapping Good Programming Practice

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