This Python lesson is perfect for GCSE computer science classes learning how to manage large programming projects. It shows them how they can use structure diagrams in the planning stages to help visualise how a large programming project may be created.


It does assume they are familiar with the KS3 national curriculum requirements and have previously been taught how to use sub programs, selection and iteration.


It includes an attractive dyslexia friendly PowerPoint presentation that includes a pop quiz and lots of practice drawing structure charts. It also includes a teacher’s lesson plan that contains suggested complete answers and three handouts.


Duration: 1 lesson.


This lesson helps pupils understand the following key skills:

  • What is a structure diagram?
  • What do the symbols mean in a structure chart?
  • How do you decompose a problem?
  • How are subprograms used to split up larger programs into smaller more manageable chunks?

Structure Diagrams (GCSE Computer Science Python)

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