This has got to be one of the most unusual and fun ways of introducing your students to the delights of the bubble, insert and merge sorting algorithms. Even if your exam board only teaches two of these sorting algorithms its still worth getting this activity and teaching all three as it is just so much fun!


Using an escape room activity that involves a witch and a goblin (who doesn’t want that?) your students will learn the basics of how these three algorithms work. 


This is a student lead interactive escape room activity that is ideal for social distancing and does not require any student computers and they can remain at their individual desks and yet they will still be working together. 


The entire activity will last a single lesson.


Your role it to not do a lot and put the emphasis on your students working together.  Early on you will be turned into a goblin! Sorry (not really sorry) so you may want to practice your goblin roar for when its called on.

Students, therefor, cannot rely on you to help them (because you’ll be a goblin) and they’ll have to work together (either as a whole class or in smaller teams if you prefer) to try and solve all the riddles in their “spell books” for themselves. 


The main activity is introduced via a whole class PowerPoint presentation which includes videos giving the students vital instructions and helping them if necessary and each pupil is given a printout of the spell book which contains all the challenges.


This escape room style activity gives your students a great introduction to the three sorting algorithms (bubble sort, insert sort and merge sort) and will certainly help give your students a boost at the start of learning this topic.


Suitable for higher KS3 classes and GCSE Computer Science classes.

The Witch's Lair – A Sorting Algorithms Escape Room

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