Keeping them interested on the last day of term?

The age old question, it is the last week of term and your rowdy year 9 class have already watched videos in every lesson they have had so far this week, how do you keep them interested? Good news, we have developed a quiz which is ready to go.

Split the class into groups (why not be brave and let them sit where they like for the last lesson, after all it is Christmas), give each group an answer sheet (not too much photocopying) and run through the PowerPoint quiz on the whiteboard – what could be simpler.

The quiz includes computing elements, to keep management happy that the pupils are still doing something “subject relevant”, as well as fun elements which keeps the kids happy that it is not too subject relevant. Each section has 5 questions followed by the answers for that section so if you do need to cut the quiz short for any reason then it is easy to do without too much juggling. The quiz is suitable for years 7 to 11 and can be downloaded from here.

Good luck, and Happy Christmas!

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