Get your year 7 pupils up to speed in Excel with our new 6-week unit

December 24, 2016



Lots of teachers have used our Year 7 Baseline Assessment and the feedback was rather surprising.  Primary schools have invested a lot of time in teaching programming and computing skills and most year 7 pupils are proficient in Scratch however this had led to a sharp drop in other skills such as Excel. Because of this we have re-invented one of our units from our 2012 Year 7 scheme of work, updated it and improved it. 


The 6-week unit of work includes:

  • An attractive PowerPoint presentation for every lesson

  • Videos to teach key skills

  • All the files needed for the unit

  • An end-of unit test

  • A pupil’s self-assessment “without levels” mark sheet

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-follow teacher’s guide

  • An answer booklet containing all the solutions


To have a look for yourself, click here.

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