Scratch Introduction

February 6, 2017

A new updated unit to teach the basics of Scratch 2.

In this 6-lesson unit the pupils will be first introduced to the programming language "Scratch 2".  Each lesson uses videos, questions and practical activities so that by the end of the unit your pupils will have covered the following skills and made several programs and games.

  • Moving sprites using the mouse and keyboard as well as moving automatically around the screen

  • Repeat and forever loops

  • If statements and If…else statements

  • Use sensing tools so sprites can interact with each other

  • Use questions and answers in programs

  • Create and use variables to store and manipulate values during the running of programs

  • Create their own sprites and backgrounds

  • Use costumes

  • Apply broadcast messages


This unit is ideal if the pupils have never used Scratch before or have had only very limited experience.  If your pupils have already used Scratch and feel they know the basics, then keep an eye out for of next unit “Scratch for Experienced Users”, which will be released very soon.


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