Wanting to take Scratch further?

Most primary students are now familiar with the basics of using Scratch and arrive at secondary school feeling they have "done that already". However, you may want to take their knowledge further by covering more advanced features in Scratch before they start using a text based programming language such as Small Basic or Python. Our new unit has been written with this in mind.

Scratch for experienced users is a 6-lesson unit which helps the pupils learn more advanced programming techniques using "Scratch 2". The resources include a PowerPoint presentation for every lesson, videos to teach key skills, questions and practical activities so that by the end of the unit your pupils will have covered the following skills and made several programs and games.

  • Recap forever and repeat loops along with basic If statements

  • Use variables and ask questions saving the answers as variables to be used later in the program

  • Create their own sprites using multiple costumes

  • Use broadcast messages in their programming

  • Create their own blocks and use them as sub-routines


This unit is ideal if the pupils are already confident with the basics of Scratch and want to take their programming skills further as a preparation to using a text based programming language.

Check out our new unit here.

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