Useful iPad apps for primary schools

Here is a list of 5 useful iPad apps for primary schools, each covering a different skill.

Green Screen

by Do Ink


This app makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos. Great for cross-curriculum topics where the pupils can create “news footage” to report the events e.g. the Great Fire of London, exploring the creatures in a rain forest or explaining Mars exploration. Can also be used to bring their own stories to life.

A tutorial on how to use this app is available from


by Tamajii Inc


Well designed and easy to use allowing pupils to create their very own storybook including characters, backgrounds and objects that they can place, resize and rotate easily. Children can add speech bubbles, text and even record their own audio clips onto each page to add a narrative or sound effects. Great literacy links across the curriculum.

Lightbot : Programming Puzzles

by LightBot Inc.


A simple game that teaches simple programming skills and gets progressively harder as the game continues. The pupils need to build the list of commands so that their robot lights up all the highlighted squares on the board.

A video of somebody playing the first few levels of the game can be found here, which demonstrates how the game is played

Squeebles Times Tables 2

By KeyStageFun


Pupils practise their times tables by answering questions to help Whizz to rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster and earn rewards.

A video of the basics can be found here:

Spellosaur First 400 Words: School Edition

By Simulant


A fun way for kids to learn their first 400 high frequency words with a series of learning games. Once they have played the games they are tested and the app tracks their progress and you can review the learned words at any time.

We hope these are useful, let us know in the comments below if you have any more recommendations for primary teachers.

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