FREE end of term Christmas computing lesson

Breaking from my traditional end of term quizzes I have developed another “escape room” style activity. This is an ideal “last lesson of term” lesson as it includes team challenges, a Christmas theme and is still subject relevant.

It consists of a teacher’s PowerPoint led presentation where the pupils work in 4 teams to complete team and whole class challenges. They will need to be familiar with writing formulas, AutoFill and filtering data in Excel and writing simple programs using Scratch 2. There are a couple of “just for the fun of it” rounds, it is Christmas after all, and a logic game which will allow them to practice computational thinking.

There is also a bonus activity in case you have some spare time at the end of the lesson where pupils create bitmap style images using a spreadsheet.

There is also a teacher guide which includes all the answers.

Includes an attractive teacher led PowerPoint slideshow including 5 challenges

  • Team based “naughty and nice list” spreadsheet challenge

  • Whole class celebrity face mash-up challenge

  • Team based “robot control” Scratch challenge

  • Team based “reindeer” computing thinking logic challenge

  • Whole class sing-a-long

It also includes a bonus “Christmas bitmap artwork” activity in case you have time at the end of the lesson.

This lesson makes their last lesson with you before they break up for Christmas fun and exciting whilst still being subject relevant to please SLT.

In order to run the PowerPoint show you must enable the macros for the buttons in the challenges to work correctly as they use VBA code to ensure the answers are given correctly. It is recommended that you test the file loads and runs correctly on your school’s system before you rely on it in the lesson as some schools may have security measures set up to stop VBA macros from working.

Click here to download for FREE from TES

We hope you and your class enjoy this free Christmas lesson and we wish you all a very merry Christmas from Nichola Wilkin Ltd.

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