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Computer Science Department Policy Documents

At the start of every term I get many emails and phone calls from teachers who have recently taken over as the head of Computer Science and are unsure where to start. Some of them are walking into a well-ordered department where everything is laid out and ready-to-go, others are not so lucky.

Often, they are the only person in that department and so don’t have anywhere to turn to ask for help. And then the headteacher casually strolls into your room when you have barely been for a day and asks you for your ICT policy document by the end of the week. Gulp!

Not to worry, I have some ready to go and better still they are completely free!

With a brief read through, only some minor tweaking to make it fit your school and copying them into your schools template it should satisfy your headteacher and give you a bit of valuable breathing space while you try to get your head around the one hundred and one other things you need to do.

Acceptable Use Of ICT Policy For Pupils

The first one is for pupils and includes an acceptance form, they need to sign and hand back to you.

Make sure you insert your school name in the first paragraph of page 1 and if you are printing it out to send home you will probably want to copy it into your schools’ template.

Acceptable Use Of ICT Policy For Staff

The second one is for staff and is a little more detailed. This can also be coped into your school template and also requires staff to sign the last page.

School Data Protection Policy

I have also created a School Data Protection Policy. This isn’t really your responsibility as head of computer science and is something somebody who has received adequate training should be looking after. The name of the allocated data protection officer (DPO) and their contact details should be inserted into section 5.2 (Data protection officer) and is usually somebody in the admin team but just in case you are asked for your input into a School Data Protection policy, I have included one for you.

That should help get you some brownie points from your new headteacher. Now onto that departmental handbook…

Good luck to all the new heads of department out there, it will get easier.



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