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Are you looking for my Christmas Computing Quiz?

Sorry, I have bad news (and good news too) I’ve decided not to do my traditional Christmas Computing quiz this year (that’s the bad news) and instead have created 5 Computing Christmas quizzes (told you there was good news)!

For years I have created a new Christmas quiz every year which was aimed at all computing students from year 7 to year 11. I was never entirely happy about that, as we all know the knowledge and interests vary greatly between those year groups.

Christmas Students

It also takes quite a long time, creating a new quiz each year.

Recently, I’ve a lot of other commitments which are taking my time and I’ve really struggled with creating the end of term quizzes. As a result, last summer, I did not release one at all! Which I felt terrible about.

I’ve had the idea of doing something a little different for a while now and decided now is the time to do it.

I have created a different (reusable) quiz for each year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!

This means each quiz is more tailored to each specific year group AND you can reuse them every year without fear that your computing students will have done the same quiz last year.

Each quiz has a different theme and includes computing questions (suitable for that particular year group) along with fun festive activities.

Themes include:

  • Fixing Santa’s sleigh (year 7),

  • Decorating a Christmas tree (year 8 ),

  • Solving a mystery (year 9),

  • Decoding a secret message (year 10) and

  • Breaking Santa out of prison (year 11).

Christmas Quiz themes

My old-style quizzes also required a lot of input from the teacher in order to run them. I know teachers have more demands on their time than ever before, so may possibly appreciate getting a little bit of their time back.

I wanted to create a resource that was not so teacher led.

My new quizzes are completely student led and are completed on a computer (either individually or in pairs). You just need to provide your students with the link at the start of the lesson and away they go!

Computing Christmas Quiz

This frees you up to help those that need it or get on with the myriad of other things you need to do in that final week of term.

You also have all the answers in the handy teacher’s guide but to be honest these new style end of term activities are all self-marking, so you won’t really need the answers, they are just there in case a student gets really stuck.

Don’t worry though, even though these are digital activities, they do not include just multiple-choice questions. Instead, they use a variety of different actives including jigsaw puzzles, drag and drop activities, typing in their answers and of course some multiple-choice questions.

Grab these fab Computing Christmas Quizzes now, only from TES, and reuse them year after year.

Let the festivities begin!

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